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The Lawn & Garden Performance Group, LLC specializes in bringing lawn and garden companies together through Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategic Alliances, and Business Partnerships. With more than 30 years experience in the lawn and garden industry, The Lawn & Garden Performance Group, LLC is who you need to help you through the selling or purchasing process. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a company, a brand or product, or if you are looking to acquire marketing rights, distribution rights or a strategic alliance, the Lawn & Garden Performance Group, LLC can assist in making the transaction efficient and profitable. We can help you determine which of these options is right for your company and assist you with integration after the sale.

The Lawn & Garden Performance Group, LLC gives companies the management and sales and marketing assistance they need to be competitive in the lawn and garden industry. Most new products fail because the product marketers didn't know about, or didn't pay attention to, the idiosyncrasies and pathways to marketing lawn and garden products. The Lawn & Garden Performance Group LLC, provides manufacturers with the tools it takes to successfully navigate the lawn and garden industry.

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Our Books

The Truths, Myths & Secrets of Marketing Products in the Lawn & Garden Industry
The book was written for successful marketers of lawn and garden products (and those who want to be!) who are ready to move up a notch. “The Truths, Myths & Secrets of Marketing Products in the Lawn and Garden Industry” goes well beyond commonplace advice about how to get started in the lawn and garden industry or how to get to the next level. more...

Just Grow Up
Got a great new lawn and garden product? Do you want to introduce it with a big splash that causes waves rather than ripples? Do you think you have what it takes to penetrate the distribution barriers in the lawn and garden industry and survive in today’s competitive retail environment? more...




What's New

  • WANTED: For Acquisition or Merger

    We have a Buy-Side client who is looking for an acquisition or merger of a company within the lawn & garden segment. Below is an outline;

    • Manufacturing, importing or Distribution of lawn & garden products

    • Product category is not important but there is no interest in a product that is considered a commodity.

    • Geographic location is not a factor but the east coast would be a plus

    • Prefer a company without a single customer representing more than 20% of revenue

    • A company with patents, branded products or other intellectual property that is defendable is of special interest.

    • A company with some or all products being sold in counter cyclical time periods will be given special attention

    Ideal company will have a $3M to $7M in top line revenue and a 10%/12%+ Net income If you are interested in additional information on a CONFIDENTIAL basis: please contact:

    Rick Pontz at rick@LGPG.com or call (480) 840-6023